Linguistic Landscape

My Linguistic Landscape research seeks to identify thematic patterns by language in the messages of public-facing walls throughout Catalonia and Northern Catalonia, primarily in transgressive artifacts for which no legal mandate dictates language choice. I also examine geosemiotics in educational spaces and the incorporation of cultural symbols to enhance affect in written messages. 

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Language Attitudes and Ideologies

In the years immediately subsequent to a failed independence referendum, how do various communities in the Catalan Countries feel about about Catalan, Spanish, and French? Do they sense a connection between linguistic behaviors and political sentiment? What is the role of English in an increasingly international Catalonia? These are some of the key questions that I explore in my language attitudes research, which blends experimental methods such as matched-guise and exploratory factor analysis with qualitative survey and interview data. 

Morlan, Marguerite. In Press. "The Importance of Catalan-Medium Instruction for Language Attitudes in Catalonia." In Language Attitudes toward Spanish and Related Languages and the Pursuit of Social Justice, edited by Mara Barbosa and Talia Bugel. Oxfordshire: Routledge. [Manuscript]

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Morlan, Marguerite. 2021. "Because I've grown up with it, because I love it, because I support independence": Language Choice and Identity in the Catalan Countries. Talk presented virtually at l'Escola d'Estiu de Lingüística Catalana, hosted by la Universitat de les Illes Balears. [Slides]

Language of Identity and Moral Cognition

After finding exploratory evidence that balanced bilinguals assess moral dilemmas differently in their Language of Identity (LOI), I seek to investigate the affective, cognitive, and demographic factors that may contribute to this phenomenon. 

Morlan, Marguerite, and Carmen Pérez Vidal. In press. "Effects of Language of Identity and Education Level on Moral Cognition." TROPOS. [Manuscript]

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