Linguistic Landscape

My Linguistic Landscape research seeks to identify thematic patterns by language in the messages of public-facing walls throughout Catalonia and Northern Catalonia, primarily in transgressive artifacts for which no legal mandate dictates language choice. I also examine geosemiotics in educational spaces and the incorporation of cultural symbols to enhance affect in written messages.

Morlan, Marguerite. (2022). Elección de idioma y proyección de identidad en el paisaje lingüístico transgresor de Cataluña. Talk presented at I Congreso Internacional sobre Paisaje Lingüístico, hosted by la Universidad Pablo de Olavide. [Slides]

Morlan, Marguerite & Steven Byrne. (2022). Ideological Representations and Language Choice in Catalan School Graffiti. Talk presented at The 13th Linguistic Landscape Workshop, hosted by the Universität Hamburg. [Slides]

Morlan, Marguerite & Steven Byrne. (Under review). Language Choice and Identity in the Transgressive Linguistic Landscape of Barcelona.

Morlan, Marguerite. (Under review). Botiflers and Betrayal: Heraldic Semiotics and the Linguistic Landscape of Catalonia's National Day Celebration.

Language Attitudes and Ideologies

In the years immediately subsequent to a failed independence referendum, how do various communities in the Catalan Countries feel about about Catalan and Spanish? Do they sense a connection between linguistic behaviors and political sentiment? What is the role of English in an increasingly international Catalonia? These are some of the key questions that I explore in my language attitudes research, which blends experimental methods such as matched-guise and exploratory factor analysis with qualitative survey and interview data.

Morlan, Marguerite. (2022). Language Attitudes and Ideologies of Native and International Residents in Catalonia: A Comparative Approach. Talk presented virtually at the 3rd International Symposium on Language Attitudes toward Portuguese, Spanish, and Related Languages, hosted by Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi. [Slides]

Morlan, Marguerite. (2021). "Because I've grown up with it, because I love it, because I support independence": Language Choice and Identity in the Catalan Countries. Talk presented virtually at l'Escola d'Estiu de Lingüística Catalana, hosted by la Universitat de les Illes Balears. [Slides]

Morlan, Marguerite. (Under review). "They just talk back to you in Catalan, even if they see you are uncomfortable": Language Attitudes of International Residents in Catalonia.

Language of Identity and Moral Cognition

After finding exploratory evidence that balanced bilinguals assess moral dilemmas differently in their Language of Identity (LOI), I seek to investigate the affective, cognitive, and demographic factors that may contribute to this phenomenon.

Morlan, Marguerite & Carmen Pérez Vidal. (2022). Effects of Age and Language of Identity on Moral Cognition. Talk presented at the X Congreso Internacional de Adquisicón del Lenguaje, hosted by the Universitat de Girona. [Slides]